Train in the night (8 years old)


I think I was 8 years old. In the school I draw “train in the night”. It is very strong picture.
I was very angry, because I knew that the train is not perfectly drawn. And the teachers said “it’s perfect.” and I said “I know that is not perfect!”
But she did’t want to tell me what was wrong.
You will see I will send you the picture. It is a funny train. But I like the picture very much. I still have it in my wall.
I think its very strong. I think its very expressive.
Now, when I’m old, I don’t see how to say..
I think It’s nice that it has the mistake. I think it’s nice that the train is not perfect. Because now I think that drawing is perfect. (I.M) [From the interview]

 性別  女
 年齢  60代
 出身  フィンランド
 現在の職業  グラフィックデザイナー


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