Is the education of arts and crafts at school useful? Here are some questionnaires for you to answer!

Is the education of arts and crafts at school useful? Here are some questionnaires for you to answer!
The questionnaire is on the “Exhibition 2 of Recollections of Art Education”. (Selectable with about 40 questions). Anyone can take part!
The survey results will be displayed at the “Exhibition 2 of Recollections of Art Education”! Please be sure to visit us then.
Date & Place: 4th (Sun) to 9th (Sun) of October at Culture House of Nagakute City, Aichi-ken, Japan

call-eng※ Anyone who had works done between 5 and 10 years of age is required to prepare the pictorial data of A and B as below and a written composition (about 200 characters). There is a part at the bottom of the message to send the pictures.
reiA. Picture of works and yourself at present
Make your face and works as close as possible and take a picture at your most favorite location.
B. Picture of your face taken when the works were done
Please look for a good picture of your face of child days. If not available, please pick one that shows yourself at the nearest age.

About the photo data
1,000 pixels at the longer side of the photo is preferable. Old pictures look better when they are scanned, but it is also nice to have them photographed.
We will later send you back the photos that have been printed and sent us as soon as they are saved in our system as data. Please let us know by email in advance.

C. Written composition(s) of memories about your works
Please edit them in less than 200 characters. You can write anything at your choice such as the works and comments on them.
Tips for those who have little to write about: please write where and how the works were stored, how they were titled, what tools and materials were used, in what portion of the works you had the hardest time, how you proceeded with
painting them, and what episode there was then.

Personal information is to be used only for this study, and no information from participants with only questionnaires is to be used for any possibility that they will be identified. Names of those who show their works will basically be displayed, but we will honor the choice in line with their individual agreement.

● About yourself

Your Name (required)

Email address (required)

Name of prefecture at the time of elementary and junior high school days (name of the city for non-Japanese) (required)


Your current occupation (required) <as detailed as possible such as sales or production of automobiles, or education at junior high school (music e.g.)>

● General topics

1. Did you like the class or lesson of arts and crafts at elementary school?

2. Did you like the class or lesson of arts at junior high school?

3. Did you go to extra curriculum school of painting or modeling?
 Yes  No

4. Do you have any experience of receiving awards for arts, crafts, or paintings (regardless of grade)?

● Sensitivity and aesthetic sense


5. Were you impressed deeply with anything before?
 Yes  No

6. Have you concentrated in anything before so much as you forget other things?
 Yes  No

7. Are there any designs that you were fasciated with (such as beautiful cities, pretty cars, or CD jackets)?
 Yes  No

8. Are you fond of tools and furniture that are comfortable to use?
 Yes  No

9. Do you remember more than one public art in the streets or buildings?
 Yes  No

Aesthetic sense

10. Arrangement of foods needs to be beautiful.
 Yes  No

11. Did you prioritize the appearance as you bought something?
 Yes  No

12. There is a standard of beauty and ugliness in yourself.
 Yes  No

13. You sometimes have a critical point of view on the society.
 Yes  No

14, You have a single knowledge or more on what exhibition is being held around yourself.
 Yes  No

● Topics on what you learn in arts, crafts, and paintings and what you think will be useful in future.


15. You can make a paper crane.
 Yes  No

16. You can use basic tools such as scissors, glue, or a cutter.
 Yes  No

17. Do you know what color will come out when blue and yellow are mixed.
 Green  Purple  Orange

18. You are able to make a scheme and develop it in accordance.
 Yes  No  It depends


19. You make good use of things.
 Yes  No

20. You design your new year’s card by yourself.
 Yes  No

21. You have experience of creating graphics and charts with computer and offering presentations.
 Yes  No

22. You have used the terms of “perspective”, “monotone”, “gradation” and “shadowing” before.
 Yes  No

23. You have experience of contacting those who are engaged in arts or designs in your daily activities.
 Yes  No

24. Your profession is related with arts and designs.
 Yes  No


25. You feel satisfied when you think you have understood what you saw at the museum exhibitions or read the commentaries.
 Yes  No

26. You have experience of visiting shrines and temples and seeing the statures of Buddha.
 Yes  No

27. You sometimes read manga or see animations.
 Yes  No


28. You feel you can get rid of stresses, anger, and gloomy feelings by way of creating or drawing arts.
 Yes  No

● Are you making good use of the power from arts, crafts, and paintings in your life?


29. When you buy things, you review the background and environment of them.
 Yes  No

30. You have bought artworks before.
 Yes  No

31. You have made a selection on picture postcards before.
 Yes  No

32. You have been stuck to interior designs before.
 Yes  No

33. You have several artistic items hung in your house including pictures and scrolls.
 Yes  No


34. You have experience of posting on Internet the pictures you took of.
 Yes  No

35. You often enjoy do-it-yourself activities.
 Yes  No

36. You have produced toys or illustrated books before.
 Yes  No

37. You have experience of drawing a map to show the directions to others.
 Yes  No

38. You have participated in the activity corners or workshops at events or shopfronts before.
 Yes  No


39. You saw exhibitions in museums before.
 Yes  No

40. You saw exhibitions in galleries before.
 Yes  No

41. You watch art programs on TV.
 Yes  No

● Others

42, Please tell us any comments of yours on how the education of arts and
crafts is of use and how you are making good use of it in your daily life.

43. Please specify any good or bad memories of the lesson of arts and crafts at your elementary school days.

44. Please let us hear any words of advice or guidance given by your teachers
or parents on the arts, crafts and paintings (in good or bad sense whatever).

※ The following is for the data transmission of the works of arts and crafts.

A. Photos of works and current yourself.

B. Photo of your face when the works were done.

C. The title of works

D. Composition on the memories of works

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